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✰ between one heartbeat and the last

i will write in words of fire

we held the weight of the world on our heads and, in our hands, starlight and gold ribbons


Lil(y). Perpetually 29: professional unicorn, actual doctor. Blonde, hazel, pale. Spelling and grammar fiend. Quite short-sighted. Forever gay for Natalie Dormer (hashtag wife goals). Addicted to Spotify and true crime podcasts. Drinks too much tea. Prone to fits of creativity followed by periods of extreme laziness. Photoshop wizard. Best described as a cross between a cat and a peacock.

I work as a project manager and part time hacker developer. In the alternate universe, I'm probably a bookseller.

I read on trains & Sunday afternoons. My favourite books are numerous and arbitrary; I like examples, not genres.

I watch an odd assortment of programs and almost anything by the BBC. I have a terrible habit of rewatching my favourites more often than starting something new. This does not do much to cull my Netflix queue.

I ship indiscriminately. Noel/Julian. Dom/Darlene. Dexter/Debra. Peter/Olivia. Ten/Donna, Eleven/Clara, Twelve/Clara. Willow/Tara, Willow/Oz, Buffy/Giles. Adelle/Topher. Patty/Ellen. Arthur/Morgana. Adam/Ros, Harry/Ruth. Frankie/Cat. Meredith/Derek. Xena/Gabrielle. Kitty/Nan. Peter/Katniss. Felix/Mildmay. Fitz/Fool. Harry/Draco, Harry/Snape, Harry/Luna, Sirius/Remus, Cissy/Bella. Haruka/Michiru. Utena/Anthy. Anna/Josh. Cate/David. Fran/Olivia. I'm not into shipper names, give me that little slash any day.

My ships, squicks and kinks can be found in my fic & fandom FAQ. I also have an FAQ on trigger warnings.

Thank you to gossymer for the S2 layout template and dallowayward for the Doctor Who custom mood theme.

My journal name is from Neil Gaiman's skin art poem; my journal titles are from Doctor Who. All layout images, profile images & profile quotes are by me, and not to be used without permission.

vince noir, making the char ♥ idk my bff tess

Tess: the Howard to my Vince; Cherie: the Lindsay to my Pip; Tree: the Eng/Ireland to my Australia
"we don't sleep together", 143, a perfect circle, a song of ice and fire, acrylics oils and pastels, alas poor hug-o-meter, ali smith, all of the seventies, ancient history, augie march, aurorae, autumn, backyard herb gardens, baking, being in angel's head, black books, black phoenix alchemy lab, bloc party, blowing bubbles, buffy the vampire slayer, butterfly boucher, charlie and aura, chinese food, classical greek, classical latin, cocaine is for snobs, dashboard confessional, debra motherfucking morgan, deconstructing the psyche, dexter, dinner on darby street, doctor who, doctrine of labyrinths, donna noble, eclipses, ee cummings, eighties music, elementary, english cadbury, english literature, evil alice, fairies, fall out boy, fantasy, felix in my head, florence + the machine, flying, fractals, fringe, geocaching, gin and tonic, girly anime, glitter, gold class cinema, harry potter, high distinctions, hunting for new icons, i am the oracle, idk my bff chef, idk my bff tess, infinity, jack kerouac, jane austen, june twenty-first, jungle cats, kasabian, katapugon, kings of leon, knitting, learning many languages, legends & folklore, letters to no-one, like/love, lolita, lord of the rings, making more layouts, medieval history, mint royale au's, missy higgins, monet, moondust, mucha, muse, my capacity for self-denial, my mohair blanket, mythology, neil gaiman, noel fielding, not cold tea, obsessing over my interests, one tree hill, ovid, owl tattoos, pablo neruda, paul dempsey, period costume, photography, photoshop & premiere pro, pieces of rainbow, pip valentine, pretentiously unlinked interests, pride and prejudice, properly arranged spectrums, psssht, pumpkin soup, radiohead, reading many books, regina spektor, renaissance art, revolutionary girl utena, richard siken, sailor moon, shakespeare, ship all the things!, something for kate, sparkles, speaking quenya, spring flowers, starlight, sugar we're going down, summer sunshowers, sylvia plath, tame impala, tequila & strawberry lipgloss, the bbc, the beach at night, the bitterbynde trilogy, the dresden dolls, the forever trap's shippiness, the hot west wind, the jezabels, the killers, the kinkmeme, the mighty boosh, the national, the sibylline, the silmarillion, the smiths, the south of france, the wheel of time, tim minchin, unicorn tears, vanilla, water gardens, wicked alchemy, writing my novel, xelona, xena: warrior princess, you be bernard & i'll be manny, your net-and-tinsel gown